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Creative CD & DVD Packaging Designs

As discussed in our previous post, the CD and DVD has come to be an extremely established part of modern-day culture, and one that looks to be with us for a lot longer yet!

When it comes to CDs and DVDs, each one is completely different, not just in musical…

Top One Hit Wonders of the Last 25 Years

If you’re a musician, then the term “one-hit wonder” could be a controversial one. On the one hand, being known only for one song could be pretty disheartening when you’ve poured just as much effort and creativity into your other work – but on the other hand, having one…

CD Packaging and Why Times are Changing

CD packaging has changed a lot over time. Once upon a time, the jewel pack was almost ubiquitous in the music world as the only viable product case, but nowadays there are many more options available. In the main, the current battle is being fought between the jewel case…

The Early Days of the Compact Disc

Compact Discs are synonymous with ubiquitous, cheap and reliable data storage. However, that wasn’t always the case; when CDs first reached the market in 1982 they were considered exotic pieces of high-technology that were inordinately expensive. The earliest commercially available CDs were certainly not taken for granted as they…

The Changing Face of Optical Media

We’re all familiar with CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray too. They’re the most recognisable types of optical disc that we use on a day to day basis, they’re household items that everyone knows. But, there are many other types of optical disc, some that were rendered obsolete, fading into obscurity…

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